Navier Mobility

What if you could move goods and people on the water at the cost, speed and convenience of land borne transportation? 

Our oceans, rivers and bays would no longer be an obstacle, but another highway.

Convenient cross connections

With up to 75 nautical miles range and the ability to travel at 30 mph, the N30 offers convenient connections for waterfront communities.

Through Sustainability & Innovation

Navier reimagines the power of movement and transforms the experience of being on the water. With a superior rider  experience and operational efficiency, Navier vessels transform waterways into highways of the future. Cutting edge technology improves operational efficiency to 10x that of a traditional gas boat. Instead of hours waiting in traffic on bridges, tunnels and waterside roads, move beyond the shores and take in city skylines on board Navier.


traditional boat

Fuel Economy

30 MPGe


Discomfort / Motion Sickness



Easy To Operate



Environmentally Friendly



Sustainable Transport

Sustainable solutions must be an integral part of any new innovation. With our technology, we will free lakes, oceans and water wildlife from fossil fuel pollutants and lead with an understanding of our collective responsibility to transition the planet to a clean, livable future.

With minimal wake at cruising speeds and twin silent, electric motors, Navier's mobility vessels coexist with coastal environments.

Networks Beyond The Coastline

Navier's electric hydrofoiling technology introduces range and efficiency that make moving over waterways more realistic than ever before. With more people commuting by boat, traffic on roads and bridges is alleviated, and waterways become the newest highway.

Every coastline can be a transportation hub: due to their size and maneuverability, Navier vessels require no unique infrastructure to come to dock. With more reasons to travel on the water, Mobility partners enjoy improved operational efficiency.

A true solution

The 100% electric N30 six passenger craft is accessible from existing marinas, requiring no specific infrastructure.