The next wave of disruption is cost-effective versatile small vehicles.

Navier 30 lives up to its moniker, "The Boat of the Future," by reimagining the power of movement through innovation and sustainability. Going against conventional wisdom, we have designed a boat that delivers silent, eco-friendly electric operation without sacrificing on performance and utility.

At Navier, our vision is set on the future of small, high- speed, more frequent waterborne transportation. We believe to save the planet and reduce the carbon footprint we are creating we must build a better future, reducing our use of single passenger automobiles.


Sustainable solutions must be an integral part of any new innovation. With our technology, we will free lakes, oceans and water wildlife from fossil fuel pollutants and lead with an understanding of our collective responsibility to transition the planet to a clean, livable future.

Living on the water

46% of the world’s population lives in congested coastal cities. Electric hydrofoiling technology is  more efficient and enables the boat to fly above the water, making this the first electric boat with compelling range and utility.

A true solution

The 100% electric N30 six passenger craft is a perfect option for congested coastal cities and will be accessible from existing marinas, requiring no specific built infrastructure and the ability to park at any dock.