Introducing navier 27

The boat of the future

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Introducing navier 27

The boat of the future.

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The boat of the future

When we set out to develop the boat of the future, we knew we had to develop something different. Radically different.

Navier 27 represents a solid rebuke of conventional wisdom - a boat that delivers silent, eco-friendly electric operation without sacrificing on performance and utility. But, to live up to the moniker, “the boat of the future”, Navier 27 had to be more. We aim to re-imagine the experience of operating a boat and bring technological innovations that truly set us apart.


Go the distance with 75nmi range at 20kt


Fly comfortably
above waves up to 4ft


Autonomy that goes way beyond autopilot

Key Features

Long-range electric

Until now, electric boats have meant compromise - limited range, spartan amenities and little utility. Navier 27 changes all that. With over 75nmi of range at 20kt available in it's standard configuration, Navier 27 can go the distance.

Hydrofoil supported

Soar above the waves in complete comfort. With its hydrofoils, Navier 27 can fly over waves up to 4ft high that would otherwise cause uncomfortable pounding and is 90% more efficient than a traditional 27ft boat.

Bold design

Navier 27 has a distinctive identity to set it apart from the crowd.  The styling follows a clean approach, bringing in strong yet classic lines which result in an undeniably contemporary luxury feel.

Perfect for fishing, water skiing, family outings, or service as a unique and special yacht tender.


Navier 27 utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver an intuitive, joyful operator experience without sacrificing on reliability. In addition, future over-the-air updates will deliver expanded capabilities such as automated docking, and active collision avoidance.


Smooth ride and a sporty drive, enabled by aerospace stabilization technology


Precise sensor-assisted joystick docking free of delays typical in gas boats


Perfect speed and course control, whether station keeping, trolling, or cruising


Navier 27 is aware of its surroundings, alerting you of danger before it’s too late


Fly above 3-4ft seas or retract the foils for beaching and shallow water


Check in on your boat from anywhere in the world via smartphone



All season utility


Warm weather fun


The Navier 27 is equipped with an advanced assistive autopilot. Future software updates will enable full self-driving capability. For the novice boater, we deliver an easy, stress-free operation. For the experienced captain, our system is your dedicated, alert, “first mate” reducing operator load while keeping you in full control. Features include:

Length: 27’
Beam: 8’6”
Foiling speed: 18-30+ kt
Range: 75+ nmi @ 20kt
Power: 2x 50kw Electric
Draft: 2ft / 5.5ft
Capacity: 10 pax
Limited early build slots available through Pioneer Program, register to learn more.

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